EXX-R3 series Outdoor tires

September 21, 2020

All new EXX-R3 compounds provide faster lap time on multiple track conditions such as low grip asphalt or sugar surface even the pure asphalt surface.     And no drops lap times to the end with consistency. 

F21 Low profile F1 tyres

December 04, 2019

New F21 F1 tyres designed to meet real Formula 1 tyre rules as front 270mm and rear 405mm and bring it to F1 R/C racing to make it more realistic.        

Front 27mm narrow and rear 40mm width tyres are fitting perfect with new inch-up size front and rear wheels.        

New low profile wheels have wide offset in order to generate stable driving and more steering.         

Included a pair of color sticker in Red and Yellow and White on each compounds. 

Compound are available in Soft / Medium / Hard in Front and Rear tyres. 

SWEEPER 8th buggy tires

December 04, 2019

SWEEPER 8th buggy mini pin tires for low grip or loose dirt conditions.     

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