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About Sweep Racing

SWEEP RACING  Racing (SR Industrial)

The Beginning:
The Sweep Racing (SR IND.) is a specialized radio controlled car tire manufacturer located in South Korea.
SR all started with the production of 1/10th TC tires at the end of 20th century, which eventually grew into 1/8th Buggy, Truggy, GT, 1/10th Mini and 1/10th offroad tires. SR’s product lineup covers almost all major classes in the R/C racing industry.

SR ind was originally involved in industrial used rubber products. Because of this, SR was already equipped with every manufacturing tool needed to produce model car rubber tires.
Just like many other industry professionals, CEO Steve Kong started R/C as hobby in his youth years. Out of curiosity, he made a few 1/10th TC rubber tires to see how they would perform. To his surprise, they had exceptional performance characteristics and inspired him to start selling tires.

Our Facility:
SR Ind has a highly equipped facility that allows most manufacturing to take place in house.
CEO Steve Kong has a degree in Industrial Machining. Design work is all done by himself while SR Ind's own LAB continually develops raw material mixing technology. The study and development of new tire compounds never stops.

The SR IND. management have control over purchasing, mixing, molding, packaging and shipping. This enables us to micro manage every step of the way. This also allows SR to find and solve any issues that may occur in the production process in a timely manner.
As an increasing numbers of companies move their facilities to remote locations of China or other low labor countries, we keep all of our facilities at home to give us complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing process.

The Future:
SR Ind is still a new name in the R/C industry. The sky is the limit without strong foundation.
In comparison to a decade ago, R/C racing cars have accelerated in performance and variety by a large amount. Active response to these changes is the key to a successful future. We have created many very unique designs and compounds to suit the changes with great success.
We will try at our very best to develop the new and innovative Sweep Racing products to bring R/C racing enthusiasts an unsurpassed experience.

Thank you.

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