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This is Blue dot Medium foam, made for Sweep NPRC Tires. Sports cut (lower in cost with great performance.)


This over sized inserts are designed to give full facial treatment to our Sweep NPRC Tires.

Medium density makes it perfect for all around weather racing.


Please follow the Team suggestion to get MAXIMUM RESULTS!

1) Cut Inside ribs off the tire to give more room to foams to fits in, cut it with a flat scissors to give that rib a flat cut.

2) Trim only 1 side of the inserts (inside portion) 45 deg angled cut only half the thickness to make it a taper shape,

3) Flipped foam inside out can makes this trim easier

4) Fits the trimmed side of the insert to 3" bid side.

5) When assemble, please do not pull side wall of the tires over a wheel, this may cause foam to separated from side wall of the tire. instead, keep turning the wheels with tires in your hands to fits around it.

 6) After glued, dried, give a tires good massage all around to foam to evenly distribute every corner of the tires.

7) Mounted on your Dragster or your tire sander, give a few slow spin to make the centrifugal force work your foam in to every bit of the tire.


NPRC MAX FITS Rear open cells Sports (Medium) Blue dot Insert 2pcs

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