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In modern high traction tracks, drivers been applying glue on front tires side walls every runs to fight against flipping on corners.
The problem of common "tire glue" was it chipped off too easy, sometimes even before a single heat, or dripped on the surface of the tire, while gluing just to ruin a brand new tire because of wrong viscosity was used.
The Front Tire Glue last much longer on the side wall, than any other glues currently on the market which was designed for a simple Wheel to tire gluing. It is also blended in perfect viscosity to work on, no more dripping, 
Apply 2 to 3 coat of this glues on about half the side wall of the front tires before the race, (kicker optional) It will last a whole last a whole day before needed to re-apply
Faster consistent lap times are also reported from our team drivers during the R&D period
Works for both Rubber or Foam tires on any racing surfaces.
Comes in a non-clogging needle equipped container for long lasting service.

FTG Front tire glue

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