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UTS Race series 8

A short report racing last weekend.

Participated in a club series race at Urban playspace.

I had two cars. Fitted one with standard rear arms, and the other car with ARS system.

We had 3 sets of tires for the entire race. I chose to use 2 sets in the qualifier rounds. I set TQ in all 4 qualifiers. Track feels like it has lower grip, different from the day before and car was loose. Car got better and better even if the track was getting hotter. But could be better if the rear would be better. I won easy A1 final as car no 3 and no 4 crashed so much. This allowed car no 5 to promote to 2nd position. Car was loose to one side now and i thought it might be the tires. So I changed the tires to my qualifier set.

While many guys saved tires for the finals, I was probably the only one on old. It was a big difference when running 2 runs old compared to new. A2 was a difficult race for me as everyone was hot on my heels. And in the end, I got crashed out while defending my position. Again, Car no 5 would be promoted up to 1st now and I had no pace to close the gap.

It rained out in the last final and took the best result to count. I had a tie-break with car no 5 for the win, but my time was quicker to take the overall win.

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